Doom - Doomed From The Start (12’ LP)

Doom - Doomed From The Start (12’ LP)

Featuring the earliest and most raw recordings of the UK Crust pioneers. Blending countless influences to create a furious new sound, these are the recordings started it all. Remastered for this release by the band, hear these songs as they were meant to be heard. Housed in a deluxe Tip-On style jacket with a double sided 12″ x 24″ poster insert. Black vinyl version.
1Demo #1
3Slave To Convention
4Fear Of The Future
5Demo #2
6A Dream To Come True
8Beat The Boss
10After The Bomb
11Terminal Filth Wimpcore Killer
12Live “Udine” Italy 30/3/89
13No Thought
14Life In Freedom…
15Means To An End
16Demo #3
18A Dream To Come True
20Black Monday
21Sold Out “Scene”
22Bury The Debt (Not The Dead)
23Agree To Differ
25Nazi Die
26Police Bastard