Final Dose - Void Inside / Dark Places LP & EP Bundle

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Final Dose - Void Inside / Dark Places LP & EP Bundle

They have arrived! Thanks to our friends at Neon Nile Records, we got our own copies of their edition of 'Void Inside' LP on clear vinyl!

We are making both available at bundled price of their debut EP 'Dark Places' and their latest album! We highly recommend this band! A great blend of hardcore punk with a little black metal! Listen yourself!

*VOID INSIDE '12 LP ; Limited to 150 on Clear Vinyl
*DARK PLACES '7 EP ; Limited to 200 ; 100 Blood Red / 100 Blood Red Splatter

The 2021 Dark Places ep from Final Dose gave us a little flavour of the dark menace that the band was capable of delivering in this here full length VOID INSIDE. The album name says it all - 10 songs of nasty blackened hardcore which will appeal to anyone who feels hopeless and a bit graveyard-minded but also likes a good headbang. There’s some serious origins of black metal influence happening throughout the record (blast beats and Dark Throne-inspired vocals are a beautiful combo) but also a tonne of stomping UK82 pace and riffage. Void Inside starts off with a Vangelis style instrumental - lonely and haunting, and then for the next 20 minutes nothing but fast, demonic music with actual Satan on vocals kicking your ass. Will you beg for mercy or will you enjoy the boot?

Void Inside is significantly chunkier and punchier than the Dark Places ep and feels much more focussed - songs like Unchained, Like Rats, and World Prisoner are stone cold pit classics - that blast beat is pure gold. FD are pulling back black metal for the punks and showing the punks how to be gnarly without being meatheads OR wearing corpsepaint. Before succumbing to complete doom and nihilism of the human race give Void Inside a spin, it certainly cheered me up and I don’t really enjoy anything at all EVER. - Hamish

Pressing info:
Crew Cuts 150 x white
Neon Nile (USA) 150 x clear -