G.I.S.M. - Detestation (12’ LP)

G.I.S.M. - Detestation (12’ LP)

“No band does what GISM does or shocks like GISM can. That kind of brilliance people call insane." - Pushead in Puszone, MRR August 1987

Formed in 1981 in Tokyo by vocalist Shigehisa "Sakevi" Yokoyama, guitarist Randy Uchida, bass player Kannon "Cloudy" Masuo, and drummer Tohru "Monamour" Hiroshima, this newly minted project would ultimately go by many names but always under one acronym:


AKA God In the Schizoid Mind
AKA Guerrilla Incendiary Sabotage Mutineer
AKA General Imperialism Social Murder
AKA Gnostic Idiosyncrasy Sonic Militant
AKA Gai Individual Social Mean

Detestation is the debut LP by Japanese hardcore punk band G.I.S.M. Released on Dogma Records in 1984, the record displays a unique blend of musical influences that the band would become notable for, ranging from industrial to glam metal guitar work.

Repressed on Relapse Records 2021