GBH - From Here to Reality (12' LP)

GBH - From Here to Reality (12' LP)

GBH hits the 90's with this fast hardcore punk album! Limited and imported reissue.

For the first time ever, three GBH albums from the late 1980s and early 1990s are being reissued on colored vinyl . Birmingham, England was the birthplace of a large number of essential punk bands. One of the ones that got the farthest and today can without a doubt be considered a legend are GBH. Since their formation in 1978, GBH have built a solid position in the punk scene. Their first mini-album from 1981 was already a success, but they really broke through a year later with the help of their debut album, which also successfully entered the official charts. Records No Need To Panic (1987), A Fridge Too Far (1989) and From Here To Reality(1990) show GBH in their later period. The end of the eighties marked a turning point for many punk bands and a shift in their sound towards the then popular heavy metal. Unlike some of their colleagues, GBH dosed metal influences into their music more as an enrichment of the sound than as a main component. Despite the undeniable incorporation of some metal elements, these records are still mainly punk-like, including biting lyrics. GBH brings a sensitively combined crossover of punk, metal and hardcore on these albums. The reissue on PHR Records sensitively adheres to the original releases and only the necessary changes have been made to the graphics.

A1 New Decade
A2 Trust Me I'm A Doctor
A3 B.M.T
A4 Mass Production
A5 The Old School Of Self Destruction
A6 You Don't Do Enough
B1 From Here To Reality
B2 Dirty Too Long
B3 Destroy
B4 Just In Time For The Epilogue
B5 Don't Leave Your Honey Down The Pits
B6 Moonshine Song

Bass – Ross*
Drums – Kai*
Engineer – Paul Hoare
Guitar – Jock (2)
Guitar [Guest Musician] – Casper Wyoming
Producer – G.B.H.
Vocals – Colin*
Written By – Abrahall/Blyth/Lomas/Reder

Recorded at The Old Smith, Kempsey, England - June 1990.