Genöme - Young, Beautiful, & Free (12’ LP)

Genöme - Young, Beautiful, & Free (12’ LP)

Gënømê! Swedish dbeat punks!

Ten ear blistering D-Beat / Hardcore punks from Malmö, Sweden's, Genöme, on their debut LP.
After being introduced to this group from an amazing demo released on PHOBIA records, & being featured on NOT ENOUGH RECORDS, "DIS IS MALMÖ" LP Compilation, the band delivered on what we asked for and that was MORE NOISE!
Every song, unique in it's own rage, fronted by vocalist Aanna, is fast, ferocious , & continues to carry on the good name for current Swedish punk, a country packed with rich punk rock history, & GENOME continue that tradition. The worlds on fucking fire right now, & this is the perfect soundtrack to drown out the madness with more d-beat insanity!!!!
100 copies on Black vinyl were sent to the usa