Ghoul - Dungeon Bastards (12' LP)

Ghoul - Dungeon Bastards (12' LP)

Creepsylvania is under the control of Commandant Dobrunkum, a tyrannical despot! Having captured the Omicron Bomb from deep within the catacombs, he has enslaved a fearful and ignorant populace. The hooded fiends known as Ghoul must venture to the city square past dangerous and implausible foes, wrest control of the bomb, and try not to do anything stupid with it!

Gatefold jacket opens to Dungeon Bastards board game.
Download card included with vinyl.

Track List:
01. Ghetto Blasters
02. Bringer Of War
03. Shred The Dead
04. Dungeon Bastards
05. Ghoulunatics
06. Blood And Guts
07. Word Is Law
08. Death Campaign
09. Guitarmageddon
10. Abominox