Motorhead - Hammered (12' LP)

Motorhead - Hammered (12' LP)

Motorhead - Hammered LP
Limited Fan Club pressing on Brown Vinyl w/ Black Haze

Hammered is the sixteenth studio album by British rock band Motörhead, released on 9 April 2002 via Steamhammer, their sixth with the label and beating the Bronze Records era total of original full-length album releases. It was also the beginning of distribution in North America, and other territories, under Sanctuary Records and their subsidiary Metal-Is.

1. "Walk a Crooked Mile"
2. "Down the Line"
3. "Brave New World"
4. "Voices from the War"
5. "Mine All Mine"
6. "Shut Your Mouth"
7. "Kill the World"
8. "Dr. Love"
9. "No Remorse"
10. "Red Raw"
11. "Serial Killer