The Pist - Is Risen (12' LP)

The Pist - Is Risen (12' LP)

In a word, Is Risen is a top-to-bottom banger. The music is exceptionally tight, the production is solid (with mastering done by Jack Control of Severed Heads of State), and Ouimet makes it clear within the first bars of the first song, "P.I.S.T.” that he’s absolutely been paying attention… and he’s 100 percent still pist at the right shit after all these years.

(Kaile Hultner, review)

“Legendary 90's East Coast political hardcore punks return with a new LP. Fueled by anger and outrage at the system, Pist are back with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer blow. Hard hitting punk tracks and simple direct political lyrics. The band is active again and gigs are booked across the USA as well as the UK. Raise your fist, we're still PIST!”- Felix Havoc