Wraith - Absolute Power (12' LP)

Wraith - Absolute Power (12' LP)

On its 2nd LIMITED vinyl pressing.
Pressed on Clear Vinyl and A/B Side Black Grey Vinyl

Wraith – Absolute Power LP

01. Devil’s Hour
02. Acid Mass
03. Meaningless Planet
04. The Curse
05. War of Aggression
06. At the Stake
07. The Hunt
08. Eyes of the Sacred Ram
09. Absolute Power
10. Death Comes Ripping (The Misfits)

“Precision speed with lascivious vocals for those who like lots of neck-straining tempos in their music. Hard charging riffage is the key here, enthusiastically headbanging stuff that would fit comfortably next to your Witchery and Midnight records.” – The Mighty Decibel http://www.themightydecibel.com/single-post/2019/08/14/DEMOEP-ROUNDUP—Cold-Curse-and-Wraith

credits released August 16, 2019

Wraith is: Matt Sokol – Vocals & Guitars Mike Szymendera – Drums Chris Petkus – Bass Recorded, mixed and mastered by CJ Rayson.

Death Comes Ripping written by The Misfits.

All music performed and written by Wraith. Solos on Meaningless Planet, The Curse & War of Aggression performed by Jason Schultz.

Album art by Klutzfiction Album layout by Chris Petkus