Scared Earth - Death Comes Tumbling Down (12' LP)

Scared Earth - Death Comes Tumbling Down (12' LP)

The highly anticipated and second LP from Sweden's SCARED EARTH!!
13 brand new tracks from long time Stockholm D-Beat raw punks, influenced in the style of which they helped create. Members consisting from past groups such as DOM DAR, SVART PARAD, DISSOBER, MARTIAL MOSH, & a lifetime of dedication to punk more!!!
You like ANTI-CIMEX , HEADCLEANERS ,SVART SNO, and other amazing punk bands from Sweden!? This current group is NOT to be slept on!

"Ready to have your speakers blown away by some raw, unfiltered Swedish D-beat music? SCARED EARTH’s second album is here to bring that gritty, high-energy sound straight to your ears! Drawing inspiration from legendary bands like ANTI-CIMEX and HEADCLEANERS, SCARED EARTH’s music is a powerful blend of old school Swedish hardcore vibes and modern intensity. They stay true to the roots of Swedish D-beat, delivering that signature sound with fierce passion. With members from DOM DÄR, SVART PARAD, MARTIAL MOSH, and DISSOBER, you know you’re in for a wild ride!" - Maximum RocknRoll