Deny - Wildfire (12' LP)

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Deny - Wildfire (12' LP)



The follow-up of their crushing first LP, "Dystopia", this Skaraborg bunch deliver another punch to your nose, clearly stating that proper D-beat hails from the plains of Skaraborg!

"Formed around 1995 in Töreboda, Sweden, Deny followed in the raw, pulsating footsteps of legends like Mob 47, Driller Killer, and Totalitär. It’s a common whisper that bands lose their edge over time, but in the case of Deny, their explosive blend of rip-roaring d-beat and pounding Scandicrust has only gotten sharper, more original, and more refined.......Bursting forth with their latest album, Wildfire, Deny unleashes a raging storm of twelve tracks that just refuse to let up, where the tempo is like a bullet speeding out of the barrel, the vocals are seething with pure rage and the guitar riffs are drenched in a sense of urgency and purpose." -