*PREORDER* Acid Mass - Worship (Cassette)

*PREORDER* Acid Mass - Worship (Cassette)


Very limited pro cassette pressing of the highly anticipated full length WORSHIP by ACID MASS. Only 100 pressed! 50 Regular (Webstore) Edition / 50 M.P.D.S. DIE HARD Edition only available on our Bandcamp!

Webstore edition (THIS ONE) is pressed on black cassette shell with silver ink imprinted. Sealed.
Shipping early August

MPDS Bandcamp edition only via Bandcamp (click below)

Filthy heavy metal rules our lives, and so it's time for Worship! Acid Mass has already pummeled our ears with the
debut album Agonizer as well as the Lust For Violence and Upon The Knife EPs, but now it’s time to double down
on debauchery! The band is now introducing the second and even more depraved full-length album entitled
Worship! Decades of underground thrash come to a head all at once, defiling decency in an absolute rampage of
grimy metal madness! One-man wrecking crew Ben Ricketts is joined by a crust-coated cast of degenerate guest
musicians -- you'll hear contributions from the twisted minds behind Wraith, Savage Master, Hellripper, and
Faithxtractor! Even at a low volume this should shatter your bones and leave your soul shaking!
Such a momentous album is too much for one label to tackle alone, so Morbid And Miserable Records has teamed
up with Vicious Witch Records and Motorpunk Records to get this obscene sound into as many speakers as
possible! Morbid And Miserable will be pressing the album on CD, Motorpunk will be producing cassette tapes, and
Vicious Witch and Morbid And Miserable will work to co-release vinyl records! CDs, tapes, and digital copies of
the album will be available August 2nd while vinyl will be available later this fall.
No mercy! No escape! WORSHIP