LA’s Moral Decay - Die For Nothing (12’ LP)

LA’s Moral Decay - Die For Nothing (12’ LP)


“DIE FOR NOTHING” aka The Collection

If you grew up in Los Angeles in the early 2000’s, you know of the high energy chaos and destruction this band brought to the stage every weekend night. Whether it was a South Central LA backyard or some bigger stage at a, now closed down, Hollywood club. Moral Decay were LA’s can’t miss band! In 2002 they put out the “Youth on The Streets” EP, which was burned, copied, and passed around like a disease on the streets. Thousands of gigs and beers later, they recorded their first and only full length, “Die For Nothing”. A more refined yet same loud snotty hardcore punk sound! Self released on CD format in 2004, everyone in the LA Punk scene picked up and owned a copy! Not too long after, the band split up after vocalist, Jose, relocated to the Bay Area. Though no longer together as one, their sound continues through their other lives bands! Jose sang, played, and toured with Peligro Social, Ruleta Rusa, Armamento Social, and more. Guitarist Eddie stayed in LA forming and playing in bands like Futura, Politskitzo, Rayos X, Ausencia, and more!
This album is how we see the LA Punk scene! How it was in 2002 and what it became today!

‘12 LP is limited to 250 copies
Limited edition on Lavender Marble Vinyl
LP version includes full discography; Die For Nothing (2004) and Youth on The Streets EP (2002)