Ewïg Frost - Ain’t No Saint (Cassette)

Ewïg Frost - Ain’t No Saint (Cassette)

Niitro brings us his anticipated 3rd full length fro Ewig Frost...
“Ain’t No Saint”
10 dirty metal punk rock n roll tracks! From your favorite black metal punk Ewig Frost sound to some new killer rock n roll boogie! Niitro blends your favorite genres of rock n roll into one unique sound, Ewig Frost!
Preorders available 3/30/21 until 4/17/2022
Out April 30 2021

Limited of 100 pro cassettes ; two different editions
50 on smokey tint cassette shell &
50 clear with black liner cassette shell
All cassettes will include two special 1.25 inch buttons!

Order on bandcamp for an added digital download of album when released 4/30/21