Gauze - Equalizing Distort (2nd Album 1986) (12’ LP)

Gauze - Equalizing Distort (2nd Album 1986) (12’ LP)

Gauze - Equalizing Distort (1986)
1 - Pressing On
2 - Crash The Pose
3 - Thrash Thrash Trash
4 - 勝手にさらせ
5 - Fact And Criminal
6 - パッパッパ
7 - Low Charge
8 - Absinth Trip
9 - Distort Japan
10 - 言いなり/Children Fuck Off

2nd release from the hardcore legends from Japan

Limited reissue imported from Japan. (Thus the steep price)
XXX Records

"The first official repressing, approved by the band, they have gotten in thirty years. These LPs are just so important. It isn’t just the particular ferocity that Gauze has been sonically assaulting us with for nearly forty years. It’s not just the speed. It’s not how ahead of its time their music was back in ’86 when they unleashed Equalizing Distort on our unsuspecting ears. It’s not just how innovative and weird Gauze’s sporadic releases continue to be. It’s not just the razor sharp precision with which the songs are played. Here’s Gauze, in the future, still playing with all the passion, precision and seething contempt a lot of bands made up of people half their age couldn’t muster, still ahead of their time." Cvlt Nation