Warhawk - Pray For War (12’ LP)

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Warhawk - Pray For War (12’ LP)

Band - Warhawk from Sweden
Style - Motorcharged Rock n Roll
Label - Cimex Records by Charlie from Anti Cimex

A must for any fan of the genre , style and Motörhead

“Hello boys and girls.
So, what have we here, another of those heavy rock LPs? I thought that was out of style, passed on to the bargainbin at best?
Well, you might be right, but if thats the way you see it, you might as well walk over to the shelf of “top ten of the week”, and a good day to you.
But if you are one of those out of style and out of order people, then maybe you came to the right place just this time.
Here we have another of those heavy rock albums, pressed into some weird black plastic discus..
It’s our first one, but it’s already old..both by time standards and musical contents standard. Not as old as Jerry Lee or Elvis, not as modern as Pantera, but somewhere in between. So what is it then? Well, its screamin marshalls, its some o.t.t drums, its a drunken guy from Rotviksbro howlin at the moon. Electrified mayhem, but still in control.
4 guys with russian drinkin’ habits, with an endless love for rock n roll acts like Girschool, Motorhead, Tank and Venom. They all bow to the altar of little Richard and totally obey scandinavian hardcore from the 80s..
This is what happens when those 4 guys meet up, write some tunes, and finally record em.
Like it or not, we dont give a dogs ass. We are the hawks of war and our prayers goes for all out of it.
Cheers ”